Our Story So Far…

West Country Games & Welsh Games is the somewhat hung over brainchild of Simon and Jamie, two childhood friends. Both grown-ups, in body if not mind, they live in the lively and frighteningly modern metropolis of Bristol (remember they are but simple country boys at heart).

Through the week they yearn for nothing more than to get back to the livestock great outdoors and embrace some crazy fun fueled action. It’s their comfort zone and one into which they welcome visitors with open arms.

Launched in 2010, the aim of West Country Games was to allow them to recharge their batteries while providing stags and hens with fun, laughter and competition in fresh air and relaxed surroundings. The rest of the team are friends (the occasional non-local has been recruited!) linked by the love of being outdoors and making people smile.

2014 saw the successful launch of Welsh Games, on the outskirts of Cardiff, providing a unique land based activity to Cardiff revelers and fun loving locals wanting something unique on their last weekend of freedom.

Regional Games Ltd. was created in 2013 to bring both products under one umbrella to serve existing and new customers in both a product focused way, whilst maintaining efficiency and productivity as before.

The company mission is to make their visitors laugh and leave with a smile on their faces whatever the weather!